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Ticket FAQs

Most frequent ticket-related questions and answers

Your tickets will be sent to you via email, in a PDF attached to your order confirmation.

The email is sent automatically as soon as you complete the checkout process, however it can sometimes take a bit longer to actually be delivered! This is usually due to delays between mail servers, and nothing to be alarmed about. Please allow several hours before panicking! It’s also worth checking your email’s Junk/Spam folder – we’ve had a few that have ended up in there… If the email still hasn’t arrived, please email

Discount vouchers can only be used with tickets purchased on the gate, unless it specifies on the voucher that it can be used online.

It’s fine to have your tickets on your smartphone, as long as you can open the PDF attachment containing your eTickets so that we can scan the barcodes. In case the signal is patchy or you don’t have much data, it might be worth downloading the PDF prior to attending.

If you are printing your tickets – black and white, double-sided and half-size (A5) are all acceptable. So long as the barcodes are legible, we’re happy!

If a carer will be accompanying you at the show, please email or call 01243 538456 to book a carer ticket

Tickets are non-transferable, except in exceptional circumstances

For any other ticket queries, please email